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Get more product performance and control your purchasing power for input essentials and high-performance products - at a fraction of the cost. Through Record Harvest, you can access product portfolios which includes crop input additives and trusted by U.S. corn, soybean, wheat, sugar beet, and cotton growers.

Product Purchase Power

You can't measure what you don't know. That's why Record Harvest's PAG program relies on the collection of quality, real-time agronomic and machine data - powered by Farmobile data collection technology. Track results from planting through harvest. Place a minimum order and receive a $625 REBATE off of your current Farmobile data subscription.

You need proof of profitability. Based on your collected data, Record Harvest will deliver three ROI and product-to-performance evaluations by acre, field and farm. We will also certify your data which allows you to opt-in for revenue opportunities throuh the Farmobile DataStore exchange. Ask us for details.

Performance You Can Measure
Profitability for ROI

Performance Analysis Group

DO YOU KNOW EACH ACRE'S ROI? If not, why not? Be "in the know" with Record Harvest's new PAG (Performance Analysis Group) program offered in partnership with Meristem Crop Performance. Record Harvest's PAG program gives you a transparent, data-powered system for evaluating both performance and ROI of crop inputs by acre, field and farm. View Press Release HERE!

Access Record Harvest's professional expertise. Ask about our Good Data and Precision Starter Kit. Also gain insights and consultation from decades of boots-on-the-ground work with growers across Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Let us help you manage your data, create actionable agronomy, advise on precision hardware and software and much more.

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