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Because every input dollar counts more than ever.... Waste not. Want not.


Take complete control of your sprayer with autoboom and variable-rate controls featuring the latest in liquid control application technologies.  And for sprayers with really wide boom spans, you can now add integrated Norac boom height control for even better application results. Complete your system with wireless data transfer for simplified application documentation and reports.


Spreader application technology has come a long way in the past few years. So has the precision technology that now can control it.  No matter whether you have a small tow-behind tractor spreader or a sophisticated multi-bin spreader truck you can plug into variable-rate technology easier than ever.  Features like autoswath technology that can control up to 5 products are now standard fare.

The Big N.  Nitrogen.  For crops like corn and wheat it is the nectar that makes all the difference. However, figuring out how much to put on, when to put it on, and how best to put it on is no doubt a moving target.  However, new tools like on-the-go N sensors and innovative application attachments like 360-Yield's liquid Y-drops is making nitrogen application more efficient and more timely than ever.


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