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Harvest is the cumulation of every crop management decision made...              And yield maps are your farm's report card.


The basic yield map is still the foundation of a grower's precision agriculture dataset. It is the annual report card on not only how your farm did but how every individual acre performed. Yield monitoring systems are an essential tool in putting precision knowledge to work on your farm.  Mapped yield data is vital to monitoring nutrient removal, evaluating seed varieties and comparing different input practices. Let Record Harvest show you how today's yield monitoring systems can do more, show more and deliver more value back to your farm than ever before.


How much crop are you leaving on the ground? Harvest losses can get ugly but there are now grain saving innovations that can make a real difference.  For example, the 360 Yield Saver is a patented gathering chain for corn heads that can reduce kernel losses 80 percent over traditional chains.  Then there's attachments like the Crary Air Reel system for platform and draper heads that helps more grain go into the header for thrashing instead of ending up on the ground.  Remember you are harvesting a crop not seeding a crop and every kernel, every berry, and every bean has a value. 


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