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Is your farm's precision data good enough?  Is it working for you?  Where is it?  Are you in control of it? Collecting and utilizing basic precision data like planting and harvest information is one of the most important, yet hardest tasks on today's farms. Let Record Harvest put your data back on track and help you answer all these questions with one of our precision data plans. 
Monitor Prep

Garbage in. Garbage out. If there is no plan, no system, no order to how data is collected in the field then your precision program is almost guaranteed to fail. Good data just doesn't happen. Prepping your farm's precision displays before they go to the field is the smartest thing you can do. Record Harvest's monitor prep program organizes your precision information like grower, farm, hierarchy along with correct field boundaries to make sure every display on the farm is on the same page. The end result is good data - not garbage. 

Precision Starter Kit

Consider this the spring training package for managing precision data. Almost all advanced precision services rely on access to basic precision data sets like as-planted and harvest data. That's why Record Harvest put together the Precision Starter Kit to ensure that you collect and have access to multiple years worth of precision field data when you need it. If you want to get past the first base of precision to do things like prescription seeding and nutrient tracking this is where you start.  

Advanced Reports

What was my best corn last year? How did pH affect my soybean yield?  Was planting date a factor in my final yields?  Am I driving my planter too fast?  Sometimes discovering the little things can make a really big difference on your bottom line.  That's the power of data when its put to work.  Record Harvest can provide you customized precision reports that will help you make better management decisions before, during and after every crop year.

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