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Every farm is different so don't settle for cookie cutter precision...         Let's build the precision system that works for you.          

Want to get the most out of your precision ag dollar?  Spend it on planter technology.  No other area of precision can consistently returns the ROI that comes from upgrading how you put seed in the ground.  The planter pass is the most important pass on your acre. Planting technology is moving faster than ever. Find out more by clicking HERE. 

Varying N, P and K and lime. That's where precision got its start.  But today's application technology is a lot smarter than it was 10, 5 or even 2 years ago. Discover new ways to apply your nitrogen inputs and much more.  More details HERE.

The yield monitor.  In 1992 this is what started the precision agriculture revolution. With all the technological innovations that have come down the road since then, yield data is still the foundation of any farm's precision program and decision making.  Find out how to put today's harvest tech to work on your far. CLICK HERE.

Reclaim precious acres by draining those stubborn wet holes. Adding water management technology to your precision portfolio is a great way to leverage your existing GPS investment.  Whether its above ground or below Record Harvest has the controls and access to the tools to help you control the water in your fields. See how HERE.

When you think of precision ag - you think of autosteer.  It is also the foundation for many precision technologies like section control and strip-till.  Whether its for row crop or broad acre applications, Record Harvest has GPS and steering solutions for almost any vehicle on your farm.  Check it out HERE. 

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