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High-tech genetics require high-tech monitoring. Waiting two weeks to know if your planter performed just doesn't cut it. Discover how today's advanced seed monitoring can give you instant feedback and better yet -instant payback. 


There is probably no other precision technology that puts real dollars back in your pocket faster.  With today's seed inputs topping out at over $100 per acre adding clutches or section control is a smart addition to any planter.

Too much weight means compacted roots. Too little means seeds too close to the surface. On-the-go downforce technology solves that problem by matching each row to constantly changing field conditions. How important is the right amount of force? At least 11 bushels to the acre according to an independent study.

If the future of the automobile is electric then the same is true for the modern-day corn planter.  Individual-row electric drives gives growers many advantages over traditional planter technology. It eliminates moving parts from chains to shafts to clutches and hydraulic drives. It's all gone. Plus, electric drives are more accurate and responsive controlling rows individually.

Taking out the trash is the first job of a planter before seed goes into the ground. Uncover the latest in planter residue management add-ons at Record Harvest. We carry Clean Sweep technology from Precision Planting along with the latest products from Yetter, Dawn and many others.


How you finish a season depends a lot on how you start one... Planting is the most important pass on your field.


Be sure not to overlook the simple stuff. Disc blades, bearings, bushings, gauge wheels, parallel arms, closing wheels, and more all play a significant role in a precision planter. Record Harvest offers solutions to best keep your planter up to snuff. We truly are a one-stop-shop. Schedule a planter inspection with us today!


Why settle for what the OEM companies have to offer from factory? Build it better with what YOU want with Harvest International. Choose YOUR hardware and YOUR technology without having to jump through hoops. To boot, Harvest International offers one of the toughest toolbars and heaviest built row units on the market. If in the market for a new planter, it just makes sense.

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