With even more GPS correction services...   Farming down to the inch is easier and more affordable than ever.
Radio-Based RTK 

The "original" RTK. It may have been the first, but radio-based RTK is still one of the best ways to deliver 1 inch accuracy to your entire farm. Record Harvest has one of the largest radio-based RTK networks in the Heartland. Featuring 900 mhz networks for Trimble and CNH customers and now new 450 mhz locations for Ag Leader RTK systems. Plus, discover how Record Harvest's RTK multi-pack subscriptions can put your entire farm fleet on the line for a fraction of the cost of other correction options.

Cellular-based RTK

Welcome to the next generation RTK delivered via cellular modem.  With cellular-based RTK you typically have bigger coverage areas, no network switching like with radio RTK plus you have guidance lines that match up regardless of the base station you are using.  Record Harvest features cellular RTK services in Kansas and Missouri from MyWayRTK, Freedom RTK and the MODOT network. 

Satellite Based Services

Satellite-based GPS corrections have improved dramatically over the past decade. Today they are faster to acquire, more accurate, more repeatable and actually more affordable than ever before. Repeatable accuracies of 1.5 to 2 inches is now a reality with services like TerraStar-C costing only $800 annually. With today's different service levels and even monthly plans there's no reason to settle for the wild inaccuracies of free WAAS corrections.

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