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Record Harvest Program Announcement

by Record Harvest  l  April 28, 2020  Record Harvest, Meristem announce new ROI product-to-performance program


Justin Ogle


NEVADA, MO: Record Harvest Enterprises, Inc. and Meristem Crop Performance, LLC announced, today, a marketing initiative that brings an innovative approach to delivering crop inputs to growers in Kansas, Missouri and surrounding states.

Record Harvest, an independent precision agriculture service and consulting company based in southwest Missouri, specializes in helping growers collect and more effectively utilize the precision data generated from their fields. Meristem is a direct-to-farm supplier of micronutrients, seed treatments, nitrogen stabilizers, spray adjuvants and plant growth regulators widely used on row-crop acres across the U.S.

“There are essentially two basic ways to increase your return-on-investment (ROI) as a grower. The first is to reduce costs. The second is to increase yields. By joining with Meristem, we saw the opportunity to do both,” says Justin Ogle, Vice-President of Record Harvest. “With Meristem’s direct-to-farmer pricing advantages and the opportunity to deploy new agronomic products and practices to the fields that Record Harvest can track performance on with the farmer’s own data just made all kinds of sense.”

That “common sense” idea of using a grower’s own fields to “try something new agronomically or economically” was the genesis for a new customer data program being launched by Record Harvest for participating growers called Performance Analysis Group (PAG). Focusing on the fact that growers are much more likely to trust the results of their own data from their own farms, the PAG program allows a participant to “run the ROI” on three different products or practices annually. Meristem is the first commercial lead participant to be part of Record Harvest’s new PAG program.

“Margins in ag are very thin. To positively move the needle on ROI you’re going to have to think differently. You’re going to have to do things differently,” says Ogle. “By working with progressive companies like Meristem who are willing to put their products out there to be tested against the status quo with results that can be measured with full-field, full-farm, side-by-side data gives farmers much more confidence to simply try something new. It is the transparency you get through the data that makes it all work.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Record Harvest,” says Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and Co-Managing Director. “The Record Harvest team, agronomic approach, and commitment to measuring in-field results brings tremendous value to the farmers they serve. Meristem is keenly focused on helping farmers collapse the traditional distribution model to aggressively help farmers reduce input costs. Together with Record Harvest we look forward to helping farmers drive performance.”

To more comprehensively track and monitor the actual results from the fields, Record Harvest is incorporating Farmobile’s direct-from-field-and-machine data collection technology into PAG base program. According to Ogle, in choosing Farmobile, Record Harvest satisfies a key requirement it wanted for the PAG program. “We wanted an independent and more standardized source for machine field data collection,” says Ogle.

In addition to the traditional agronomic dataset being collected through the Farmobile PUCTM device, Record Harvest will leverage the machine performance data that Farmobile is also able to capture. With machinery related expenses making up nearly a quarter of crop production costs such data will be another benefit available to PAG participants.

About Record Harvest Enterprises, Inc. (

Record Harvest Enterprises, Inc. is an independent precision agriculture firm that focuses on solutions at the grower level. The company has been serving growers with hardware and agronomic data solutions since 1999. Record Harvest’s approach is one of acting as a ‘precision accountant” to extract the most value from a grower’s foundational precision data set. It is the company’s core belief that with good data, better agronomic and economic decisions can be made on each and every acre.   

About Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC  ( )

Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC is a joint venture between Old World Specialty Products and a group of talented agriculturalists with extraordinary backgrounds in agronomy and global agribusiness.  Meristem works with farm businesses to drive out cost of production, increase productivity, diversify income and increase access to new technologies. Meristem is keenly focused on providing products that can save farmers up to 30% compared to traditional market prices.

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