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A good guidance system is so much more than straight rows...     It's just the start of what all GPS can do.


Following the row can sometimes be easier said than done. Especially in the dark, dirty and chaotic conditions found during some corn harvests. Adding row guidance to your corn head can relieve stress and put bushels back in the tank.  Discover how easy it is to add this game-changer to your combine's existing autosteer system.


We've come a long way!  Assisted steering solutions used to be the clunky cousin to its hydraulic counterpart.  No longer.  Today's assisted steering solutions are less intrusive, quieter and rival the responsiveness of hydraulics. Plus, with increased portability you can leverage your guidance investment across more vehicles year-round.

It doesn't get any better than this! Integrated hydraulic steering is the most accurate and most responsive of all autosteer technologies. Whether its factory-ready or an older vehicle, Record Harvest carries the technology to help you plant the straightest rows in the county.


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