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From the beginning...

Record Harvest's mission is simple - to make precision agriculture simple, practical and profitable for our customers.  We can do this because we approach precision agriculture from a farmer's perspective. That comes natural because many of us at Record Harvest are farmers or have a farm background. That's important when separating hype from the true practicality of the latest offerings in precision technology.  

The company grew out of the precision farming experiences of founder Steve Cubbage. In 1995 he convinced his Dad they needed a yield monitor on his combine. The rest they say is history. Record Harvest got its official start as a company in 1999 and started serving fellow producers with the services and knowledge learned by implementing precision practices Cubbage had learned on his own family farm. We've grown from two employees to now a staff of 13 in three states.


It is this practicality and independence that truly makes Record Harvest unique in the world of precision agriculture. Being an independent firm we're able to "do the right thing" for the customer.  It also means being able to bridge the gaps many producers and agri-businesses face when dealing with traditional precision outlets. One does hardware. Another does software. And nobody's on the same page.  That's not Record Harvest. Whether its hardware or data services or anything in-between we stick to our company tagline - "We Make Precision Agriculture Work". 

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