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We understand that everyone will need some help at some point in time.

That's why we strive to have the best possible support available.

It's complicated. At Record Harvest we strive to make precision simple. Here you can simply watch and learn with these how-to videos of popular precision hardware.

*** Updates Coming Soon ***

Have yield or planting maps you need processed? Start by uploading your raw data to your own personal online folder. It's your personal digital repository to upload data for processing and safekeeping and to download your latest nutrient and seeding recommendations.  Let us create your personal folder today! Visit with Kirsten or email her at

Have you changed the batteries in your smoke alarm lately?  Have you updated your precision monitor's firmware lately? For updates on select precision hardware CLICK HERE.

Want us to be there in a second? When you need help uploading data or downloading a VRT prescription let us do it for you. With our new remote support options  we can literally be there without being there. Give us a call to visit about virtual support options.

Something not working? Sitting at the end of the field and nothing's happening?  Been a long winter and just forgot which button to push?

Just give us a call at 417-667-0220 

and we'll get you rolling. You can also reach out via email at:


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