Precision Soil Services

If you don't test - it's just a guess! The rules of basic agronomy still apply. It still takes the right balance of soil nutrition to raise a crop. That's why basic GPS grid-soil sampling should be as regular as your regular dental checkups.  Record Harvest offers growers and even agri-retailers some of the most comprehensive and flexible precision soil nutrient services of anyone. Being independent we are able to use the fertility formulas you want. We deliver those nutrient prescriptions electronically so that they're ready to go to the field when you are. 

Soil Refueling Packages

It's really just simple math. Growing next year's crop requires putting back the nutrients removed from this year's crop. Simple as that. Using current year combine yield data Record Harvest can credit and debit every acre in a field to make sure next year's crop has the nutrients it needs. Plus, your input dollars go specifically to the acres that needs them. Monitoring nutrient removal and utilizing it to allocate input dollars is one of the slam dunks when it comes to precision services.  It works extremely well on rented acres and when input resources are limited. It also is a service that automatically is included with our multi-year data service packages. 

In-Season N Monitoring

If there is one fertility gas gauge that is erratic it's nitrogen. In-season levels of N can vary widely and depending on the weather and other factors may have you leaving double digit bushels on the table.  What if you had a true in-season, in-field nitrogen gas gauge? Now you do with Encirca Nitrogen Services now being offered by Record Harvest. Combining a host of factors from soil type, field slope, weather and past production data, Encirca gives you real-time data and the ability to make the in-season decisions that puts yields back on the table and money back in the bank.

Nutrient Management

It's all about what's in your soil's gas tank...     Will you have enough to get you to the finish line?

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