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Poorly drained fields can sink profits... Stop losing acres and yields to poor drainage.


Good drainage starts at the top by getting surface water off quickly and efficiently.  Whether its as simple as cleaning out the bottom of terraces or draining the duck ponds in a field, Record Harvest has a water management solution to fit your needs. Featuring plug-and-play GPS/hydraulic control technology we can add automated machine control to your scraper, box-blade, or ditcher just like that.


Installing tile drainage can be one of the most expensive per acre improvements you can ever make to an individual field.  You'd best not get it wrong.  Having the best GPS controls on the market and being able to see and record what you're installing underground in real-time gives you the peace-of-mind the job is done right.  Record Harvest carries a full line of sub-surface control solutions as well as access to tile plows and stringer carts for a complete, turn-key tile solution.

A good diagnosis starts with a proper examination.  For proper field drainage, that means starting with a highly accurate GPS topographical survey on your field.  This centimeter grade-template of your fields' highs and lows provides the baseline for proper analysis and design.  Check out our latest field topo hardware and software as well as our in-office design solutions for both surface and sub-surface drainage plans.

Water Management

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