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Whether you are in search of a used monitor, or looking to rebuild your planter... Record Harvest offers only the best in new and used precision agriculture equipment.

Current HOT items! Call/email us to order!

Copperhead Ag Furrow Cruisers

Inserts: $130/row

Complete w/ Hub: $210/row

Copperhead Ag Closing Frame Kit

Price Depends on Planter Model


Copperhead Ag GWARK

Price Depends on Planter Model


PPS Parallel Arm Repair Kits (click)

Price Varies Per Planter Model

Pre-Reamed Arm Kits available

360 BANDITS fert placement (click)

JD, Kinze, HI, WH 9k: $335/row

Case: $150/row    WH 8k: $385/row

Truesight 2 Row Guidance (click)

Corn Head Row Guidance

$5995 - Most Makes and Models!