Think of Record Harvest as the bridge between precision hardware and data... We're precision agriculture's 'easy button'.

Is your farm's precision data good enough?  Is it working for you?  Where is it?  Are you in control of it? Collecting and utilizing basic precision data like planting and harvest information is one of the most important, yet hardest tasks on today's farms. Let Record Harvest put your data back on track and help you answer all these questions with one of our precision data plans.  CHOOSE YOUR PLAN HERE.

Technology has now spread to the furtherest corner posts on the farm. It is everywhere.  It shows no signs of slowing down.  So who do you call on to be your 'trusted precision mechanic'? That first call should be to Record Harvest.  We're independent and unbiased and that means we'll do the right thing for you and your farm when it comes to precision hardware.  SEE WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT.

True precision starts with true accuracy.  In the precision world close isn't good enough. That's why Record Harvest has one of the largest and most diverse RTK correction networks in the Midwest.  Check out all your GPS corrections options from Record Harvest RIGHT HERE.

Standing water ranks as one of the root causes of yield losses on today's farms.  It doesn't have to be that way. Record Harvest now offers survey-grade topographical mapping services to show you how reclaim your waterlogged acres.  Plus, let us show you how we can turn that topo data into surface or subsurface water management plan. FIND OUT MORE.

What is good is all this data if it can't be put to work in the field?  Exactly! That's why at Record Harvest we believe in what we call 'actionable agronomy' - using your farm's data to build a plan for every acre. Next step. Helping you implement that plan by making sure you have the right tools to get the job done.  Discover the ways you can put agronomy in action with precision on you farm.  CLICK HERE.

We believe strongly in the 4R's. That is the right nutrient source, at the right rate, at the right time, in the right place.  Whether its basic grid soil sampling to crop removal monitoring to advanced nitrogen tools we can help you put your input dollars to better use. With today's bigger fields and slimmer margins balancing fertility and yield on each individual acre is absolutely critical. It all starts right HERE.

DO YOU KNOW EACH ACRE'S ROI? Join Record Harvest's new PAG (Performance Analysis Group) program in order to evaluate both performance and ROI of crop inputs by acre, field and farm! LEARN MORE

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Putting technology to work in the field since 1999.

We make precision agriculture work.


14283 S 2000 Road

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