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Think of Record Harvest as the bridge between precision hardware and data... We're precision agriculture's 'easy button'.

Nutrient, data, water management services
Precision Data Management

Doing your own taxes is hard. So is trying to manage all of your farm's precision data. Think of Record Harvest as your personal 'precision accountant' and discover the difference of data done right.

Nutrient Management

What do your crops need to grow? At Record Harvest we supply you with all of the information to base your important nutrient management decisions off of. Whether it's soil sampling, crop removal, nitrogen recommendations, or anything else, we've got you covered.

Precision Hardware

We look at the bigger picture when it comes to precision hardware. How will it fit your current operation and will it grow with you in the future? And who will you call when you need help? Record Harvest has the answers.

Precision Hardware

With even more GPS correction services, farming down to the inch is easier and more affordable than ever.

Meristem Ag

Record Harvest's PAG program gives you a transparent, data- powered system for evaluating both performance and ROI of crop inputs by acres, field and farm.

corrections, hardware sales and support
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