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How does your farm rate when it comes to precision?  Where are you going and where do you want to be?  There are a ton of pieces to the precision puzzle and figuring it all out is hard.  That's why Record Harvest created the Precision Profile - it's a FREE assessment of your operation when it comes to precision technology and services.  This assessment looks at what precision resources you currently have then gives recommendations on how to better leverage those resources. Then it prioritizes which technologies to adopt next to give you the greatest ROI.  Call for your FREE Precision Profile today.

Choice. Being an independent precision agriculture company Record Harvest can offer you more choices when it comes to precision.  That means when it comes to advanced projects like high-speed planters, variable-rate liquid systems, spray boom height systems and multi-product strip-till rigs we have multiple sources to get the job done.  For you that means a single turnkey source for all your precision needs no matter how complicated. Whether its new or a retrofit of an existing machine you only need to make one phone call - Record Harvest.

When you need help who are you going to call?  When you need answers who are going to turn to?  How do you know you're making the right decisions when it comes to technology?  The answer to all of the above is Record Harvest.  We've been answering questions like those for nearly two decades. Plus, to our customers that phone support and precision advice comes at no charge.  That's right its FREE unlike some dealers who want to nickel and dime you with every phone call. No hidden charges, no elevator music. Just real people here to help.

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Precision agriculture... It's complicated. So who are you going to call?

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