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Either by the air or by ground Record Harvest can provide you with very precise topographical information on your fields. Whether you are looking for 3D terrain modeling via drone imagery or centimeter-grade RTK topographical surveys - we have the services to fit your needs.  Before you start moving dirt or laying tile make sure you know the lay of the land.  Topo first. Call today about how you can get a FREE topo map of one of your fields and discover how it can be used to improve your yields. 

Topo Services

Water Management

Drainage Analysis
Drainage Design

Looking for turnkey water management plans?  Turn no further than to Record Harvest for both your surface and sub-surface drainage designs. Using Opt-Surface software we can design surface drainage plans that move as much as 80 percent less dirt than previous technology. We can also help create drainage tile designs as well as using FarmWorks or SMS software. All these designs are machine-ready so just plug and play and we can control your scraper or plow per your design. And if you have a conservation design from say NRCS we can help turn that into a machine control design as well.  

What is standing water really costing you?  How big a problem is it?  Record Harvest can do a complete farm analysis to quickly evaluate just how many of your acres are at risk.  Now with the use of LIDAR topographical data Record Harvest can create Ponding and Erosion Risk maps on each individual field. You will discover where you need to focus your water management resources and what practices need to be changed. For example a simple change in the direction the way it is farmed can sometimes make a world of difference. Call Record Harvest today about your water management checkup.

Standing water and saturated fields.   Still the number one enemy of yields.  We have the tools to fight back.
Drainage Design
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