Record Harvest Partner Program

Record Harvest's Partners program is designed to assist input suppliers, service providers and progressive producers with turnkey precision agronomic solutions. Whether you're looking for just data-processing of your GPS grid-soil sample data or high-end GIS analysis of yield data you will want to be part of this simple and easy to use system.

Featuring a simple on-line ordering system for data processing, soil-lab analysis, and grid-soil sampling services Record Harvest can provide you with the precision nutrient recommendations needed to make variable-rate work for you and your customers. The unique aspect of the Partners program is that the services are customized to fit your needs and precision skill level.

We use mapping solutions from SST Software, soil testing services from Midwest Labs in Omaha and a powerful and secure on-line database for easy access to your data. Inquire today about becoming a member of the Record Harvest Partners' Team and start "making precision agriculture work."

For information on becoming a Record Harvest Partner, please contact us:
Phone: 417-667-0220